Friday, February 18, 2011

Negative Impact of Thunderstorms and How to Avoid It

Generally, the lightning-lightning targeting victims in an open flat area. Large electric field that allows a minimum of triggering lightning is approximately 1,000,000 volts per meter. Imagine how terrible if this sparks leap about the living body! Victims of sudden bounce when a lightning strike. As with other victims, he was killed instantly by the body on fire. When lightning struck the house, the house will be damaged and the furniture will be damaged electronics such as telephones, television, or the other. Mostly caused by excess voltage electricity flowing through the media (cable) is too large to be able to burn the electronic components therein.

How to avoid it?

    1. If a tall building with a lightning rod, so if there is lightning deterrent instrument will grab and then distributed through large wire made of copper or brass toward the ground.
    2. In the event of rain and lightning, we'd better avoid in the open.
    3. For avoiding damage to electric equipment in the house when it was raining and lightning was electricity turned off, pull on television satellite channels, and unplug the phone.

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