Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Meaning of Life

Good God Almighty give us the fish,
but we must be angling to get it.
Similarly, if you keep waiting for the right time,
maybe you'll never start.
Get started now ...
start where you are now with what it is.

Do not ever think about why we choose someone to love,
but be aware that our love is choosing to love him.

Marriage does have a lot of trouble,
but the single life has joys and sorrows.
Open your eyes wide open before marriage,
and let your eyes half-closed thereafter.

Married women or men because of her beauty or good looks
the same as buying a house because the paint layer.
The most valuable possessions for a man in this world is
a woman's heart.

So is friendship, friendship is one soul in two bodies
True friendship like health,
new value we realize after we lose it.

A friend is who can listen to the song in your heart
and will sing back when you forgot the verse-baitnya.
Friends of the hand of God to keep us.

Respect does not always lead to friendship,
but never regret to meet other people ...
but was sorry if anyone was sorry to see you.

Make friends with people who love to defend the truth.
He was the decoration when his shield at a time when you're happy and you hard.
But you will never have a friend,
if you expect someone with no errors.

Because all men are good if you could see the kindness
and fun if you can see the uniqueness
but all men would be bad and boring
if you can not see them.

So is policy, policy is like a liquid,
usefulness lies in the correct application,
smart people could fail because he thought too many things,
while the fool often succeed by doing the appropriate action.

And true policy did not come from our mind alone,
but also based on feelings and facts.
Nobody is perfect.
Those who want to learn from mistakes is wise.
Sad to see people insist that they correct
even if proven wrong.

What is behind us and what lies ahead
we are a small matter compared to what lies within us.

You can not change the past ....
but it can ruin the present by worrying about the future.

When you fill your heart ....
with remorse for the past and fears for the future,
You do not have today to ye thankful.

If you think about the day yesterday with no sense of remorse
and tomorrow without fear,
means that you already are on the right path to success

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