Monday, February 21, 2011

Fun Works: How to work a fun, working while having fun

From the title is clear, Fun Works This article talks about labor. Why use the word all the Fun Works, will be obvious after you read it. Nah not have to read it too serious, just the fun . His name is also Fun Works  ..!

If it had been reviewed about the mindset of many business people, now I want to write about the mindset of workers. Workers in a broad sense, can be office workers in government agencies or corporations, can also self-employed and home-based workers. Also reviewed is not heavy, but the pleasure in working.

We've often heard sayings like these:

    "Let's finish quickly, then we have fun!"
    "Hey, serious work! Do while joking and having fun! "
    "Do not expect good results. Look at how they work! Too many and's lack of rah-rah! "

The conclusion of these remarks is that "the only serious way of working full atmosphere that will produce anything, while the work while having fun will not produce the expected output."

Now, if you still have a mindset like that, you need to read a book by Leslie Yerkes, entitled "Fun Works, Creating A More Fun at Work." You will meet with the term fusion of fun / work, where fun and work it can be integrated. But what is that correct?

Why, true that! The author has done research on many companies and work environments. And there are many ways to make an atmosphere where work becomes more enjoyable and productive. Sure, examples of its application is not in Indonesia. But if you listen to his examples, we can too!

Just make a small example, yes, one of the following examples I've ever done and quite enjoyable.

    I replace the morning meeting that should be done while standing around and follow certain rituals, by chatting with my coffee while kayaking in warteg. Chat real relaxed, even while playing guitar, cengengesan, but still productive and ideas contributed reporting. How to "break the rules" as it is able to handle 9 branch offices with 25 thousand subscribers, with results that can compete with other offices. And feel enjoy!

The basic principle is to combine pleasure and work. So fun it can be done at the same time with the job. Not the first work like hell, stressed-out, and just try to have fun later. Ancurrrr trigger!
Principles of Fun Works.

There are eleven principles of Figaro Fun / Work from Fun Works, I will write down one by one.

Principle one: Give the permit action.
Principle two: Challenge your assumptions.
Principle three: Petiklah advantage of the spontaneity.
Principle Four: Trust the process.
Principle five: Respect the diversity of style fun.
Principle six: Loosen any form of restriction.
Principle seven: Be authentic.
Principle Eight: Be The Selector.
Principle nine: Hire qualified people out of their steps.
Principle ten: Thinking expansive and take risks.
Principle eleven: Celebrate all that.

Explanation of how each principle? Another time, yes, have started baseball enjoy ya! Not funworks again dong if forwarded.

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