Sunday, February 27, 2011

Beauty Tips for Lazy Woman

Often feel like getting up early to take the time to bermake up in front of the mirror? You are not alone, most women are reluctant to take the time make up before going on the move.

However, for those who want to still look beautiful but lazy bermake ups, no flash tips to beautify themselves without having to re mendempul makeup. This makeup can be applied before you move and can last longer without having to repeat many times to make up.

Here are tips on lightning bermake ups for lazy women who dress up as quoted from the Shine:

Color Long Lasting Lipstick
Most women who do not like dressing up, usually still like to apply the lipstick on the lips. In order to remain attached to the color of lipstick throughout the day, without having to repeatedly use it, there are tips you can follow.

Before applying the lipstick color, it is better to apply foundation on the lips. Foundation can make long-lasting lip color lipstick on all day.

Vanish eyelashes
Permanent eyelashes for flicks all day it's easy. Heat the eyelash curler with a hair dryer for a few seconds (but do not overdo it) before you use it. This helps melentikan eyelashes quickly and can last up to a long time.

Eye liner for durable and not easily fade
Nothing is more annoying to deal with a pencil eyeliner. For eyeliner not easily fade and beleber when used, tried before insert it into the freezer for 10-15 minutes. This could prevent eyeliner smudged easily when used.

Provide always wax paper
If you leave the house, do not forget to bring a tissue or wax paper. This is useful for wiping the oil on the face, rather than covering it with thick powder.

Use lip gloss
Celebrity make up artist, Gina Brooke said, "Take a lip gloss with a plain color or lip color. It will soon illuminate your skin and create the illusion of a healthy light where you most need it," he said.

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