Thursday, December 30, 2010

Watch Good Luck Chuck: Movie Online

Good Luck Chuck: Movie, Summary: While playing a game seven minutes in heaven at a party in 1985, ten-year-old Chuck (Connor Price) refuses to makeout with a goth girl named Anisha (Sasha Pieterse). In retaliation, Anisha, who apparently practices witchcraft, places a curse on Chuck, so that every single woman he sleeps with will break up with him and marry the next man who asks her out.

In the present, Chuck (Dane Cook) is in his thirties, and runs a dentist practice in the same building as his best friend Stu's (Dan Fogler) plastic surgery business. Chuck finds himself unable to tell his girlfriend Carol (Chelan Simmons) that he loves her, and she breaks up with him while having sex on the beach. At a wedding, Chuck becomes enamored with Cam Wexler (Jessica Alba), a sometimes clumsy, but friendly marine biologist. Chuck asks Cam for a date, but she gently refuses him.

While working at a penguin habitat, Cam accidentally slips and breaks her tooth. When she visits Chuck to have it fixed, he asks her to go out with him instead of paying him. Though initially reluctant, Cam agrees. Meanwhile, Stu notices the pattern of girls getting married as soon as Chuck has sex with them. Stu eventually convinces Chuck to embrace the influx of women who have learned of his pattern and visit his practice, arguing that there's nothing better than having lots of guilt-free sex. However, after having this so called "guilt-free sex" with numerous women, Chuck decides he wants a serious relationship with Cam. However, just before he has sex with her, Stu informs him that each of the women Chuck has slept with have gotten married, including Carol. Worried that the same thing will happen to Cam, Chuck begins to avoid her.

Stu convinces Chuck to test the curse by having sex with a boorish and morbidly obese woman, and monitor her to see if she marries afterward. Chuck asks Stu to ask the woman out to see if this results in marriage, and when it does not, Chuck concludes that the curse is fake, and has sex with Cam. Afterward, however, Stu confesses that he only pretended to ask the woman out while Chuck monitored him from afar, and Chuck discovers that the obese woman indeed got married to another man.

Chuck believes Cam wants to go out with Howard, who authored a book about penguins, who she has raved about. Chuck attempts to track down Anisha. Now a happily married woman with a child, Anisha tells Chuck that the curse wasn't meant to be real. Still convinced that Cam will date and eventually marry Howard, Chuck tries desperately to get Cam's attention and asks her to marry him. His attempts, though, cause Cam to become convinced he's stalking her and she breaks up with him.

Now deciding to let fate take its course, Chuck puts Cam in touch with Howard, and the two seem to connect instantly. Stu convinces Chuck to chase after Cam, who is now headed to Antarctica with Howard. After Chuck finds her, Cam reveals that Howard is already married to someone else, and that she's only leaving for a week. Chuck hands Cam a ring box containing a pebble, a reference to the penguin mating ritual in which a male penguin finds a stone and brings it to the female penguin he wants to be with. Anisha is shown pulling a pin out of a voodoo doll, and the curse is finally broken. A year later, Chuck and Cam are in Antarctica together surrounded by penguins. As they kiss, their tongues get frozen together as they share a laugh.

This series will be aired on Saturday on 1 January 2011 at 09:00 PM on Comedy Central.

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